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Are you buying traffic or are you making it?

What is your SPI ratio?

How do you maintain a true 35% closing ratio?

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Why is EMI important and who does it involve?

Is your management involved before, during or after the write-up?

Are they developing offers or giving out quotes?

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What roles should salespeople play?

Are your salespeople capable of 3D communication?

Is everyone on deck?

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Why lead and when to follow?

How to avoid early interrogation?

When to advance the conversation?

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Where should salespeople start?

Do your salespeople follow the 75/25 rule ?

Do your salespeople understand the “price-value-cost” equation?

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How do your salespeople wind-down the test drive?

What should they do when they get back?

Are they asking the bridge question?

Are your salespeople making a smooth transition from ”showing” to “selling” ?

How to deal with, attempt to convert, and guarantee a “buyer tomorrow” ?

How to verify, confirm, and proceed with a “buyer today” ?

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When to dig it out and how to flush it out?

How to deal with numbers?

How to solidify the offer?

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Why do pre-neg-prep?

Who should move first?

How do you cause significant movements?

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What is it?

Who does it?

How do you do it?

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