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RBI’s General Sales Manager Program

The Perfect Game Plan for todays winning dealerships

A comprehensive turnkey approach that includes 3 phases:



Information Gathering

During this phase, RBI will work with appropriate personnel of each dealership to gather information that is essential in order to:

  • Tailor the Program to specific needs within the Dealerships
  • Identify processes, practices, and resources that are currently in place in each dealership
  • Understand the culture and image of the Dealership as a whole
  • Identify several key Managers whose experience, skills, and interest would enable them to be trained as key Partners
Pre-Installation Strategy

At the conclusion of the Initial Assesment, we will work with key representatives at the dealership to:

  • Summarize the results of the assessment
  • Key Partner who will be the primary in-house training resource
  • Review the components and logistics of the entire program


During Phase Two, we will present a series of Workshops that are unique in the industry for a variety of reasons; such as:

  • Participants learn to apply materials to real-life situations
  • Participants learn not to dwell on the theoretical and the generic
  • Participants are actively involved throughout the Workshops
  • The Workshops Leader is not just a presenter; instead is an expert in his field who has successfully applied everything he trains

Manager Workshops

We will introduce the entire Sales Management team to the following areas:

  • The primary features of the selling model: RBI SCORE
  • The elements of our Total Selling System
    • Showroom traffic control
    • Desking and managing the department
    • Forecasting, tracking and monitoring
    • Various additional administrative and support tools and strategics
  • A sales philosophy appropriate to the volatile market place of today
  • Salesworkshop

    Sales Team Workshop

    We will introduce all Salespeople and Sales Managers together to a proven selling method that will:

    • Enable the Sales team to increase both volume and profit
    • Constantly increase customer loyalty and satisfaction
    • Enable Salespeople to know exactly where they are in the selling process and which step to take
    • Provide a more systematic way for Managers to track and monitor each selling opportunity

    The initial training conducted by one of our senior trainers will complete the initial installation of our Program; thus laying the foundation for all future training.



After the Installation has been complete, the Program implements the following activities:

  • On-Site Sales and Sales Management Training
    • RBI will provide systematic training and skill practice for Salespeople and/or Managers based on analytics of on-going feedback; build on and expands the knowledge and skill base established in the initial Workshops; enables new members of the Sales team to participate in training on RBI-SCORE ; enables Sales Managers to master the tools used in the Total Selling System
  • In-House Sales and Sales Management Training
    In addition to our monthly visit to the dealership, RBI will provide a monthly training schedule that is carefully designed and thoughtfully prepared by RBI and presented by dealership management (key partner) as follows:
    • planned weekly sessions
    • complete training package with instructions
    • all needed training material
  • Weekly phone contacts and reporting
    Systematic two way communication to provide coaching and feedback to Managers.

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