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RBI Leadership!

I lead the last meeting...

This is an email I received from one of my favorite Clients... must read!

The subject of the meeting was visualization and positive mindset.
Close your eyes and visualize yourself engaging a customer and going thru the RBI process. Visualize yourself welcoming the customer, developing rapport, smiling and getting them to like you, building trust, getting them to your desk and exchanging information, finding out what they are trying to accomplish, make sure they meet your manager if they haven’t,  get them on the right vehicle or several vehicles that target their criteria, make an exciting and fun presentation, take them for a demo ride and after the initial ride sit back and be quiet, let them take mental ownership, when you return from the demo park in the correct spot and do a service walk, make sure to walk by the sales tower and get your manager involved again as you head back to your desk, relate buyer today or, the manager should come over and explain what he is going to do, have you start paperwork while they prepare a generic proposal, develop the commitment, plant the seed of doubt, 5 step, obtain a solid offer, counter and create a win-win close…
Visualize yourself being successful, following the process, making new friends, believe in yourself and that you can do it, believe that every customer will purchase a vehicle from you… Always give them choices… Ever go into an upscale shoe store with a professional salesperson? You see a pair of shoes you like and they measure your feet and go into the back stock room. They come out with 5 pairs of shoes. If they have the pair of shoes you were looking at they put them on and then show you the other 4 pair. If they don’t have the exact pair you chose they still show 4 or 5 other pairs… If the customer comes in looking for a Red RX and we don’t have one show them our inventory and they may fall in love with the Nebula Grey…You get the idea… Visualization, positive mindset, believing that you can do it!  
I think it made a difference....they all loved the visualization part closing their eyes.
The next training session will be on downtime - on deck J. I have already put together a generic daily plan! Yes ODO club is part of it!  
N--- Neal
General Sales Manager