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Rising Beyond Inc. (RBI), a national training and consulting firm, specializes in working with automobile manufacturers and their dealerships. We currently offer training and consulting services on a Total Selling System and in overall management skills essential in running a highly profitable dealership with an excellent C.S.I. performance.

We take a unique approach to training and consulting in the retail automotive industry. We apply all of our training to the business environment, thus taking into consideration the critical interrelationships between the following:

  • The Process (e.g., a selling system)
  • The Performers (e.g., the salespeople who use the selling system, and their wide-range of strengths and weaknesses)
  • The Resources essential to the selling process and the performers (tools in the monitoring and tracking system, skills of the Sales Manager who has to interpret the data and coach the salespeople, and feedback systems)

RBI has been serving the Automotive industry since 1997. Sponsored and endorsed by OEMs, 20 Groups, and hundreds of successful Dealers coast to coast.

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